bulletin May 26th

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  • We would like to say thank you to everyone that joined us for our Ordination service last Sunday night. So many of you came and encouraged us, prayed for us, and spoke over us. We felt very loved, supported, and celebrated.

    Pastor Lyndle, Pastor Julianna,

    Pastor Will, Pastor Tricia,

    & Pastor Nathan

  • Foursquare Disaster Relief Medical

    is collecting cans & bottles

    Please bring them to the office

  • For anyone interested we are giving out our books from the church library.

    Please feel free to take some home

  • Friday May 31st & Saturday June 1st

    09:00AM - 2:00PM

    710 SE Fairview ST

    Prineville, Oregon 97754

    This sale benefits Foursquare Disaster Relief Mission Trip in July

  • If you have items to donate please get in touch

    with Pastor Julianna for drop-off & times

    text or call 541-977-4242

    This sale benefits Foursquare Disaster Relief Misson Trip in July

  • July 29th-August 1st


    Registration will start May 19th

    If you would like to volunteer or have questions

    please contact Pastor Nathan


  • “Wonderful Light”

    Camp is for 6th grade-12th grade

    The cost is $225

    June 30th-July 3rd

    If you have questions or would

    like a registration packet

    please contact Pastor Nathan


  • The church is looking for any of these supplies

    • metal roofing panels
    • wood/dimensional lumber
    • plastic barrels
    • wooden planters
    • plant/nursery pots, larger size
    • grow bags
    • water troughs/stock tanks
    • unused/extra seeds
    • manure-llama beans, goat or rabbit pellets
    • well-aged/composted cow manure
    • untreated straw, wood shaving, or sawdust
    • plastic
    • fruit trees
    • hoses

    If you have any of these items you would like to donate please call the church office or email us at office@eastsidefoursquare.org